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Your employees as the star-studded cast! Participants produce their own short film within the Business Movies framework. This is where the contributors slip into new, unfamiliar roles. Creative entertainment is assured – from briefings by actors and camera professionals, through expert support during filming, to a grand Oscar Award ceremony in the evening. Business Movie is suitable as an all-day programme or creative addition to your event. It is not dependent on the weather, can be held almost anywhere and is particularly suited to incentive and kick-off events, conventions, team events and corporate functions.

Programme description

This anything but commonplace event encourages a fresh look at teamwork and gives the participants the feeling of having achieved something special.
The finished short films (Business movies) and the “making of” (optional) of the day on DVD are the result of a joint collaboration and of course the perfect reminder for back home. Achieve more together! Strengthen and foster internal and external corporate communications and creative teamwork with co-workers and clients. Whether your goal is to implement specific conference or seminar themes or realize an out-of-the-ordinary and creative team event: Business Movie is your Oscar for Communication!

Our presenters start proceedings by giving a brief introduction to filming:

  • Background in practice and theory
  • Creating a storyboard
  • Concept for a commercial/advertising spot
  • Presentation of a sample commercial for illustrative purposes

Groups of 8 to 15 then unleash their creativity and draw up a storyboard. Every idea counts, suggestions are tested, discarded or adopted by everyone. Inspiring ideas encourage participants to explore own ideas and role-play.
The around 90-second advertisement is filmed with professional equipment, qualified staff, production accessories and props – the team itself is responsible for direction, screenplay and dialogue.

Supervision during filming is provided by:

  • Business and news camera operators and editors
  • Trained event professionals

After filming (2 to 4 hours), the footage is delivered to the editor. The raw footage is edited and completed with music, visual and sound effects. This process takes approximately 3 hours.

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